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Chanessa Schuler

Brand and Communications Consultant

Trust is key.

Throughout the past 11 years as a media professional and working with hundreds of clients, I've learned that trust is key. Great releationships happen as a result of me doing research and getting to know my clients so that I can deliver media projects with your voice and mission in mind. Once I understand who you are, you can depend on me to create the content (video, audio, photography) and develop a social media strategy that is necessary for your brand to thrive in a digital world.

Consistency is key.

You may be here because you know how important it is to have a social media presence but you don't know where to start or how to be consistent. Traction and growth will be a result of consistency! I'm here to help.

About Me

I am a media professional with a passion for exploring the intersection of media and community. My interest in media production goes back as early as middle school where I was already producing intricate media pieces for churches, theaters, event production companies, and more. While acquiring my degree in mass media and political science from Carlow University, I also studied photography and film at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I joined SLB Radio while a junior in college and worked my way up to Director Of Programs. I worked with and advocated for students in Pittsburgh communities and taught them how to express their perspectives and life experiences through audio and radio. I am now a Scrum Master and I have the opportunity to coach and work with a team of developers to deliver software to thousands of customers throughout the US. Leadership, creativity and collaboration will always be at the center of everything I do!

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Work with me

what i offer

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Content Creation

Don't know what to post? After giving you some ideas, you can send me video and photos to be edited. I'll send them back or add to our content calendar.

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Podcast Editing and Publishing

I offer podcast consultation. I can work with you to sharpen your ideas for your podcasts, assist in finding guests, edit the podcast in industry standard Adobe Audition and publish the podcast to reach your audience on all podcast platforms.

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Collaborative Social Media Management

Let's meet weekly for 15-30 minutes to discuss goals for the week and reflect on what worked and how to improve.

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Content Creation and social media management for Producer Sherri

Collaboratively managed three social media accounts and executed social media strategy prior to and during a LIVE stage play, edited content from a tour of the set of The Chosen. Created social media strategy and calendar for upcoming podcast launch. Calendar includes announcements, FB LIVE, giveaways, photos, podcast clips formatted for social media and email marketing.

I meet weekly with Sherri Lynn to develop goals that will increase her following and overall engagement.

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UGC for EgoFit

User Generated Content

EgoFit Walker Pro is one of the smallest treadmills in the world and it also has an incline, which many treadmills do not have. This is an example of one of the short videos I created for the brand. My partnership with this brand includes cross-posting to my social media handles and sending a final package of videos and a review. Typically, I submit videos without music so the clips can be used with preferred music and repurposed.

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I work with Chanel Allen of Women Who Love & Lead to produce a bi-weekly podcast series for women leaders. I provide guidance on podcast quality and flow, edit and publish the podcast. I also create visuals for her social media posts in order to promote the latest episode. For the last season, we produced a live episode and brought all of the podcast guests together for an annual brunch.

Podcast Editing and Publishing for

"Women Who Love & Lead"

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what they say

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Chanel Allen

"Chanessa was the best thing that happened to the Women Who Love & Lead Podcast! I launched the first season of my podcast prior to working with Chanessa and I was overwhelmed and stressed. I tried to do everything from producing, editing and directing as a one woman show. Crazy me...I needed help! Chanessa immediately understood my needs. She provided me with guidance and feedback prior to going into my next season. And most of all, she edited each episode with such care and high quality. The trust we have is unmatched. She knows what I'm looking for and delivers every time. I love the fact that after she gets the first edits to me, very rarely do I have to ask for things to be changed. That is so refreshing! "

Sherri Lynn

Chanessa has completely transformed my social media. My engagement has gone through the roof.

I had no idea what I was doing (and honestly still don’t) but her confidence and enthusiasm just makes me want to do better and be better and I AM better (across all of my social media platforms) because of her.

Whether your social media strategy is nonexistent or it’s stalled out and needs a boost. Chanessa never disappoints. Her energy will make you excited about what your social media plan can be and then she’ll develop a map and path to get you there.